Klah Klok Online – Klah Klok Khmer Betting Games


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សមាជិកថ្មី ដាក់ប្រាក់ 3$ ថែម 5$


សមាជិកថ្មី ដាក់ប្រាក់ 3$ ថែម 5$


សមាជិកថ្មី ដាក់ប្រាក់ 3$ ថែម 5$


សមាជិកថ្មី ដាក់ប្រាក់ 3$ ថែម 5$

A traditional game of Cambodia is named Klah Klok. It has a simple gameplay and is totally based on Cambodian culture. These games are similar to those that children play in their childhood. The difference is that children play it for fun, and adults place bets and play it with the rules of gambling. The adults are trying their luck in the game Klah Klok to earn money, whereas the children were enjoying the game with their friends. 

Klah Klok is totally based on the tradition of Cambodia. To play this game, players need three dice, but these dice are different from the normal ones. The normal dice may have numbers on their sides, but the dice used in Klah Klok has pictures all over on the six sides. The game starts, and each player decides on which sides or pictures will place their bet. The pictures they think will be displayed after rolling the dice are the points where they place their bets. 

Betting is a universal game

If we see everywhere betting is going on, some are placing a bet on international sports, some are playing in the casino. The same as the Klah Klok is also playing for the making some money. Moreover, it is the easiest way to earn money. As you select one picture, if it appears on the dice, then the money is yours. But in the other betting games and sports, it will depend upon the different person to perform it for you. It will take time also. If in case the person doesn’t perform the way he has to be, then your money will be lost. So Klah Klok is better was to earn money from gambling. 

If the same side comes, then they win, and if not, they will lose all the money of betting. The dice are rolled, and as soon as the dice rolls, the player comes to know the outcomes of that round. 

Gambling in Klah Klok

Gambling can be the main component of this game. This traditional game has a wide number of players all over the world, and betting can be seen everywhere. The betting money is decided at the beginning and belongs to the winner after the outcomes of the game. Other players cannot claim this money. 

The outcomes of the game are decided after the dice are rolled. If the pictures are the same where the player has placed his bet, he wins, and if not, then he cannot claim over money.

This is quite an entertaining game and is widely in Cambodia.

It is mostly played during the new-year celebrations. This is basically a guessing game, and the player with the correct guesses wins the game. It is easy and entertaining to play. 

Klah klok is a traditional game and reflects the artistic work of different painters’ overages that are visible in the pictures of dice that are being rolled.

Rules of Klah Klok

The rules of the game are quite simple and can be easily understood. Three dice are necessary for the game to play, and the number of players should be fixed along with the amount of bet. The gambling money belongs to the winner and has to be handed over after the game finishes.

People of Khmer are well aware of the rules of the game. 

Pictures on the sides of the dice are the deciding factors of the game.

Players have to guess before throwing the dice.

After the dice are rolled, the player who guesses the correct pictures are the winners of the game.

They can take the money of bet.

Online Klah Klok

Along with this, the other players cannot claim the money and can go for the next round of the game.

Klah Klok can also be played online through various applications, and gambling on these applications is totally legal. You can bet through these and pay them through various modes of payment available with them. 

You can make a personal team with your friends or play with random players through these applications. This traditional game of Cambodia is fun while playing, and a wide number of players are playing online with these applications professionally. 

These professional Klah Klok players are well aware of the rules and also enjoy bonuses and various prizes on these applications. 

In case you are a beginner, you need to go through the rules of the game. Else the game is based on guessing. 

Components of the game

The board of the game is approx. 39″*26″. A good board lasts longer, and the surface is smooth. The design of the board is amazing, and it has three dice. The size of each dice is 25mm. 

This game has been in trend for ages and is still being played and loved by new generations. 

It is a popular game of Khmer and is based on western culture. The dice of the game have six pictures on six sides. These pictures are based on six characters that are DEER, GOURD, ROOSTER, FISH, CRAB, AND PRAWN. These six characters are also present on the board in correspondence with the dice. 

This game has different names in different cultures and is widely famous in different countries. In Vietnam, it is popular as BAU CUA CA COP. As per the Cambodian culture, it is called KLAH KLOK. It is also widely famous in china, and there it is known as HOO HEY HOW. 

Betting in this game is legal online, and it is amazing to play. People can play this for fun as well as for professional purposes. This lunar new-year dice game is played as a celebration of the new year. Everyone can try their luck. 

How to play bau cua ca cop?

Members put their bets on a board that has the six icons, gambling on which icon will perform. If one dies with a bet, the better gets the equal amount as their wager. If two dice compare with a bet, the better gets two times their wages.