Cat te / Kate 

Cat te is a game related to tricks and tactics. Similar to a game played in Cambodia, this is a card deck game in western culture. The main aim is to win in the last round. The game has several rules of its own and is being played by following those rules. Initially, each player is provided with six cards. It has various rounds, and in a particular round, the players who are leading start the game. Then comes the turn of other players in the game who have to choose the card. They can either use the card facing down or the other one facing upwards. Only one card can be taken at a time. 

The player who takes the last card will win and shall be promoted to the next round, where he will lead and initialize the game once again. 

The game is played after all the players will give a fixed amount of money that is considered to be the winning prize and will be given to the winner at the end. The money belongs to the winner of the game that will be handed over after the game. The game is quite simple as well as addictive, and people enjoy it a lot while playing it.

Betting in the game

Cat te is purely based on betting where the players decide a fixed amount of money available with all, and the winner takes all the money at the end after the rounds are completed. Gambling is a necessary part of this amazing game, and betting is only done once in each game. Bets cannot be placed after every round.

This game can be played by three to six players. Not only can you win the money on the bet, but players can also win a bonus on several outcomes. Along with this, you can also be penalized for some outcomes. It is quite an interesting game that can be easily won if you know the correct way to play and all other strategies related to this game.

Outcomes and winning chances 

The players that are least at the end can also add to the amount of bet if they feel that the chances of winning are high. This can only be don’t after the consent of all other players that are present in the last round. The game has winning chances in two cases. Either the player has to win the sixth trick, or the player has to lead all the four tricks that are being played around.

The maximum number of tricks played in a round is six. When four tricks are done, only the players who have won a minimum of one trick can go forward in the game. The players who haven’t won any trick are eliminated from the game and cannot play further. This is because, after the fourth track, there is no chance of winning the sixth trick if you haven’t won any of them. This means that the last two tricks will be won by the players who have survived the first four and have won a minimum of one among them.

The deck of cards 

The deck of cards which is the main component of the game, is the normal standard deck. There are no jokers in the game. The deck is 52 cards. The rank of the cards is as per the descending order that is A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

Winner, bonus, and settlement

As mentioned earlier, the game is played in rounds and is purely a betting game. The bet is placed at the beginning of the game, and a fixed amount is given by each player. There is also some settlement during the game where the players can win an additional bonus and can even be penalized. At the end of the game, the winner takes all the money, and the other players cannot claim any money as per the rules of gambling.

The game can either end at the fourth trick or the sixth trick. The winner of the previous round will have a chance to start the new round as per the rules of the game. 

After the fourth trick, if any of the players have won all the four tricks. Then he can take the money. If a player has won a minimum of one trick among the four. Then that player can go further with the last two rounds. But if a player is unable to win any of the rounds, then he is eliminated from the game.

Game strategy

Each player can have a different strategy while playing the game. Along with this, the strategies can vary in every round as per the requirement. The main strategy is to win one among the first four tricks or the fourth trick itself. 

If you win the third trick, it can give you a helping hand in winning the fourth trick as you will be the next one to initialize the fourth trick.

Game objective

Cat te is a trick-engaging game with the purpose being to succeed in the last round. Its course is slightly related to a Chinese play Tien Gow though a regular western card set is used rather than dominos.

Every player receives six cards at the opening. In every round, the round head begins with a card. Other members then take turns unless to cancel a card (bearing down) or perform a card (facing up) of the very identical suit and more special rank. Whoever performs the last board in a round wins the series and starts the next round.

There are also remarkable limitations on the 5th and 6th rounds. If a member fails to gain any performance in the first four rounds. Then he is not participating in the 5th and 6th rounds. Also, throughout the 5th step, only the round head leaves the member card face up. All different players perform a card facing downward. After the fifth round, ends the 6th round will be in consideration for play immediately.