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What is bigo?


Let’s start from the beginning. What is a bigo live app? Well, bigo live app is one of the top social streaming apps. There are more than 400 million active users on this app with many talented people.


So if you have a talent, you are super chatty, you just want to make friends, you want to watch live sex, or if you want to make money just from your house, check bigo live app. You will find all of them there.


Who is a host in bigo?


A host is the person performing the live show for the viewers. In case a girl is having life sex then she is the host. Also, official hosts make tons of money through bigo.


If you want to become an official bigo host, you need to join an agency and they will manage you as a talent. Also, they will help you with official events and everything related to the app.


I always advise people to do a little research. There are so many agencies and it’s fine to do research to find the one that you feel most comfortable with because you need to work together to get the best results.


So always do your research about the agency that you’re trying and planning to join. As an official host, depending on your plan you will have to hit three targets;


  • Hours target: You will need to stream certain amounts of hours per month
  • Beans target: Beans are the virtual gift that supporters can send to you and you can exchange those virtual beans & gifts to dollars. 210 beans is 1 dollar.
  • Fan target: you need to make a fan target


It depends on your plan, but your agent will give you more accurate information about that. Also when you hit those targets you will get additional reward compensation from bigo. So higher target to reach, bigger compensation rewards you get from bigo.


It’s a really good motivation to do your best every single month to reach higher  targets. Once you find an agency that you like you will need to do an audition to become an official host.


What is an audition on bigo?


Audition is recorded in a three to five minutes scheduled stream. On that audition stream you will need to see your name, agency that you want to join, your agent name, your bigo id, and then you need to show your talent for three minutes.


So if you’re a dancer, show your best dance. Then it will be recorded and your agent will send it to the management. Afterwards they will make a decision if they accept you as an official video host.


What are bigo official events?


Now let’s move on to official events. First event that I want to talk about is PK. PM is like a friendly battle against another official host where you both are on the screen and the one with more support from the audience will win this competition.


It’s like a friendly battle. The one with the more

gifts wins. So it’s really important to ask your supporters to be there for your official event.


Always be nice to your opponent and do not forget to follow your opponent before you going live because if you follow your opponent and he follows you back before you’re going live you can find your opponent when you

press LINE.


After pressing the line, you will see your opponent’s name and you can invite the opponent for a 10 minutes single round PK. However, If it’s a UKPK, Or if it’s an international PK, then it will be 20 minutes long.


Now your agent can book you those official events there is a spreadsheet and if you press ‘CTRL + F’, you can type your bigo id and see

how many events you have and who is your opponent.


The same agent can see how many slots they get for the week for the events. If they type the agency name they can see how many slots they have for this week and they can book their hosts for the events.


So with the PK’s we have theme PK like fancy dress, makeup, dancing, or a beans party pk where you need to get a certain amount of beans to get the rewards. Your agent will give you exact information about each event. Don’t hesitate to ask them.


Live house in bigo


Bigo has a live house. Living in a house is like a competition. It’s a solo performance where hosts have a talent live house. Hosts will get a 15 minute slot where they can show their talent.


If you’re a singing host, you need to ask everyone to vote for you. It depends on the live house theme. There will be a yellow box and people can press the yellow box. Everyone has 10 free votes and then they can vote with paid votes.


Again you will get beans that will go towards your target. These kinds of events really help for exposure. You meet new people, new people see you and if they like your performance they will become your new fans & supporters.


So it’s really important to be professional on all those official events and have fun because it’s all about having fun.


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